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Mock Oyster


Seen from afar, I thought these might be Chicken of the Woods, given their bright orange color, but then I saw they had gills. The Mock Oyster or Orange Oyster or Stinking Orange Oyster (Phyllotopsis nidulans) is saprobic on hardwood and conifers and causes a white rot. The caps (2-8 cm wide) are fuzzy. The gills are close, and the spore print is a very pale peach. The spores measure 7 µm. Mock Oysters grow in clusters and shelves and lack stems. They're supposed to have a foul odor, but I didn't notice it, though it was detectable on older specimens. Previously, this mushroom was in the Pleurotus genus, which it closely resembles in all but color.

Phyllotopsis means "resembling a leaf," and nidulans means "little nest."