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The Common Wolf Fart

This puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum, was found growing alone in our field not far from some trees. It measures 3 cm across and 3.5 cm tall. The spines are sharply pointed and tend to bend over at their tips. The surface is powdery. Another key feature is the pear shape. This puffball is similar to Vascellum curtisii. Two key differences: the smaller, acuter spines and the pear shape. Puffballs are edible so long as they are solid white inside. An easy way to tell without plucking them is to give them a light squeeze. If they're firm, they're good. Puffballs often remind me in taste and texture of white fish. 

An older name for the puffball is puckfist, which means "fairy fart." Interestingly, Lycoperdon means "wolf fart." Perlatum simply means "widespread." Hence, I like to call this puffball the Common Wolf Fart.