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Red-cracked Bolete

Boletes comprise a huge number of mushrooms, many with very subtle differences, but I'm fairly confident this is Xerocomellus chrysenteron (syn. Boletus chrysenteron). This one has a mostly flat, soft, reddish, and cracked cap 5.5 cm wide. The pore-tubes (diagnostic of boletes in general) are yellow and bruise blue-green almost immediately. The pores are angular (though they look round in the photo) and are roughly a millimeter across. The stalk is 4 cm long and an even 1 cm wide. The stalk has the same reddish color as the cap at the base and then more yellow upward. Toward the top, there are red spots, but these aren't rough nor do they smear.

Red-cracked Boletes are edible but definitely not delectable. The texture is pleasant enough, but there's not much taste. Likewise, they're small and don't grow in large groups, so they're not really worth harvesting. They're better enjoyed with the eye than the mouth.

I arrived at my identification by using Boletes of Eastern North America. I narrowed it down to X. chrysenteron and X. intermedius. The color fits X. intermedius better, but the stalk, though spotted, is not at all rough. Also, X. chrysenteron is the more common of the two. Finally, I looked at the spores under the microscope and didn't see any striation (a characteristic of X. intermedius); thus, I arrived at Xerocomellus chrysenteron