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Hexagonal-pored Polypore


The Hexagonal-pored Polypore, Neofavolis alveolaris, is one of the earliest spring mushrooms. This year I began seeing it mid-April. (It can, however, be found throughout the year.) It's a small mushroom (1-10 cm across), semi-circular or kidney-shaped. At first, it's a striking orange, but it can bleach white over time. The first image shows a somewhat older, dried out specimen, with the darker edge. (A key feature is the radially arranged hexagonal- or diamond-shaped pores that run down the short stalk, which you can see in the last image. (Sorry, I don't have a great camera.) I often find these on thin branches that have fallen and snagged on branches in the shrub layer. When you see these early in the year, you know morels are soon to follow. Synonyms are Favolus alveolaris and Polyporous mori